The Friends were founded in 1991 to help keep Regent’s Park unspoiled for present and future generations. The competing pressures on this wonderful asset are multiplying and increasingly difficult to reconcile. Developers and traffic are continually threatening parts of the Park which, if lost, are gone for ever.

If you want to help defend the beauty and tranquillity of our green spaces against threats and depredations, you can have more effect if you join The Friends of Regent’s Park & Primrose Hill.

The Friends can present to the relevant authorities your views on flowers, trees, shrubs, landscape, policing, noise, litter, traffic, wild life, cycling, sports, buildings, dogs, safety in the park, catering and any other matter you feel strongly about.

You will receive newsletters to keep you informed of important items of news affecting the Park and also about social events, meetings, talks and guided walks. You will receive a discount on purchases at the Park caf├ęs.

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Regents Park

More information about Regent’s Park & Primrose Hill can be found on theRoyal Parks website.

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