Royal Parks Movement Strategy Survey

Please respond to this survey

The Royal Parks are developing a Movement Strategy for all the Royal Parks. It is their long‐term vision for how people will move within, access and experience the parks. Among the things they want to do is increase safety for park users and reduce the impact of vehicles in the parks.

They want to know what you think ‐ your input will help them shape the strategy. They wish to use this evidence to help them form their strategy and will then consult when they have a draft.

Please review theirDiscussion Paper on theirMovement Strategy webpage.

To provide your input please complete theSurvey before 14 July 2019 or you can email your response

Feel free to share this among your friends, family and other networks.

As far as Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill are concerned, issues about through traffic, and cycling are all part of the consultation. For example see Proposal 4 Our parks are not intended for through traffic: at least one of the cyclists’ websites is headlining this as London’s Royal Parks debate blocking through motor traffic.

Remember the high interest in the CS11 proposals about shutting some of the Park gates some of the time? Many of these issues could be covered in responses to this new consultation.

Everyone is encouraged to read the discussion paper (about six pages) and respond to the survey. The Friends will engage with Royal Parks on this issue and keep you posted on developments.

It would be useful for me to know your views, including whether the parks should ban through traffic to improve air quality and pedestrian and cyclist safety ‐ and whether you care if that made other roads around the park worse.

Your views will assist me in forming the response from Friends of Regent’s Park, so please email them by 10 July.

There is very little time for this input evidence gathering stage, but we may also hold a meeting later to debate the draft strategy when that has been circulated, unless we can include it in our End of Season review on 28 October. It would be useful to know if you would be interested in attending such a meeting.

Ianthe McWilliams
Chair of Friends of Regent’s Park & Primrose Hill